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Put A Stop To Foreclosure And Garnishments

When you do everything you can to keep up with your mortgage and the bank still threatens foreclosure, it is easy to feel helpless. But do not panic; you still have options.

At the law offices of Flader & Hirji, LLP, our Diamond Bar foreclosure defense attorneys can help you save your home and get immediate relief. When you file for bankruptcy, you can stop the foreclosure process, stop wage garnishment and find long-term solutions for your debt that work.

An Automatic Stay Can Sometimes Work Wonders

The moment you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy, you get an automatic stay. An automatic stay will prevent your creditors from taking any action against you. A letter will be sent to your creditors telling them to put an immediate stop to the following:

  • Foreclosure: Especially effective when you file for Chapter 13, your automatic stay will give you the time you need to work out a plan with your bank to save your home. Using Chapter 13, you may actually be able to wipe out and avoid making any future payments on your second, third or other junior mortgages that are fully unsecured based on your home’s present value.
  • Wage garnishment: If your creditors have already started garnishing your wages, they will have to stop. You may even be able to get back some money you have lost.
  • Creditor harassment: If any of your creditors call you after you have filed for bankruptcy, you can have them call us, and we can answer their questions.

You will receive an automatic stay when you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our lawyers will take a close look at your financial situation in order to determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you. With degrees in accounting and business taxation from USC, our attorneys have a unique understanding of your financial concerns and the options you have available.

Contact Us For Real Help

Get the immediate relief you deserve. From our offices in Diamond Bar, we help clients across California stop foreclosure and wage garnishment. Open during normal business hours, we offer evening and weekend appointments as well. Call us toll-free at 888-412-9799 or contact us online today to schedule a free initial consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.