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Your Child’s Future Is Important To Us

At Flader and Hirji, LLP, in Diamond Bar, we understand that the primary job of a parent is to protect their children under any and all circumstances, including a divorce. Our dedicated attorneys will make your child’s future our top priority during this difficult time.

California family court can be an intimidating place, and you might feel powerless when fighting for what your children need. However, our lawyers will be there for you. We will help you manage the process of getting your children the child support and parental time they need. With our reputation and extensive knowledge of California family law, you can count on us to do what’s right for your family.

Your Time As A Parent Is Critical

The job of parent is time consuming, but also very important. Time with your kids is vital to shaping them to grow into caring, considerate adults. Being there for your kids will make a huge impact on their development as they grow up.

Getting the time and resources to be the parent you want to be may not be easy or straightforward. In issues of child custody and support, there are many factors to consider, including:

  • The time each parent spends with the child
  • Each parent’s income
  • Household location
  • Age and health of all parties
  • Educational costs
  • Health care expenses

We will build a case designed to get you time to be with your children and the financial support they need. Our primary goal is to ensure a healthy, happy environment for your family.

Free Consultation On Custody And Support Matters

Your love for your children is not something that you can measure in dollars and cents, but in child support and custody cases, it can feel that way. We at Flader & Hirji, LLP, want to make sure that you have the time you need with your children. We will also fight to ensure your children’s financial well-being.

Call us today to get your free consultation at our toll free number 888-412-9799. You can also contact us online.